Enrique Iglesias: this was the reaction of Anna Kendrick’s when the confused with Anna Kournikova | Today


Imagine that one day you open internet and see your photo on a note that is not yours, something like that happened to Anna Kendrickbut his reaction was the best.

The actress became for a moment on the pair of Enrique Iglesias and the mother of his twins, thanks to which a medium is wrong, and put your photo instead of that of the tennis player Anna Kournikova.

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova have her twins

When Anna realized the error the only thing you could do was answer as she knows how to do it “Dear Yahoo: How do I get to this line of time where I slept with Enrique Iglesias, please and thank you.

A tweet after the actress came back to comment on the bug: “Do I realize that the confusion came probably from the two Anna K, but she is an athlete, tall Blonde and I’m-oh, oh-don’t think I am the baby?

Without a doubt Anna Kendrick took what happened with a lot of humor, and although it is a mistake that can be resolved quickly, what happened stay in the internet.