Fighting Fiction: “Never Back Down” should have retreated

According to some metrics notable, “Never Back Down” is one of the franchises means of mixed martial arts (MMA) are more successful than exist. The original film not only won the double of its budget at the box office worldwide, but he also produced two sequels directed by Michael Jai White who presented notable figures of MMA like Todd Duffee, Lyoto Machida and Josh Barnett.

Several of its artists became fixtures of Hollywood, including Amber Heard (“Pineapple Express”, “Zombieland”, “Aquaman”), Evan Peters (“American Horror Story”, “X-Men”), and a veteran of “Gladiator” Djimon Hounsou (“Guardians of the Galaxy”, “Shazam”). The fight scene culminating even won an award from movie MTV, defeating one of the many clashes of “The Bourne Ultimatum”.

How, then, remains after 12 years? Wrong, as it turns out.

The football player of the high school of Iowa, Jake Tyler (Sean Faris) starts a fight in the field, fooling the opposing player that laughed at him by the death of his father. The game proves to be the last, since moving to Orlando with his mother and his brother prodigy of tennis.

MMA is the new school of Jake as what is the college football for any university in the SEC, only that in some way. The brother local Max (Peters) tries to shove Jake in the sport after the images of the fight between Jake become viral, only to be rejected. Jake, however, voluntarily going to a party in the house extremely large BMOC Ryan McCarthy (Cam Gigandet).

As a result, half of the partygoers are outside doing MMA with each other. Jake becomes involved in a fight with Ryan through the interference of the obvious future love interest Baja Miller (Heard), and although initially refuses, Ryan pressed the button of “dead father” to him to what turns into a beating one-sided.

Days later, Max convinces Jake to train with the coach of MMA Jean Roqua (Hounsou) to take revenge on “The Beatdown”, a tournament underground that McCarthy won twice. You can probably guess the general progression from there.

The good: the many fights of teens have movements genuine MMA, albeit with a greater preference for eye-catching than functional. A lot of entries under percentage in the presentations, many shots of Superman, spinning sh * t, etc, it Also is the first film of martial arts that I have seen, I really recognize how debilitating that can be, kicking in the legs; as someone who loves to see how they cover the thighs, that gives me a couple of points in my book.

Although the choreography overall of the fight is nothing special, give credit where it is due.

Now, the bad thing, which means almost everything else. Let’s start with the soundtrack, that is almost song by song, what would you use if you make a film parodying the culture Tapout “FACE THE PAIN”. I recognize that 2008 was a different time, but I don’t think there is a point in history in which two high school students without a shirt on who hit the “Teenagers” My Chemical Romance may present a serious face. It is as if someone threw a new game in the NFL Street with even less self-awareness, and every possible agitation of the emotional commitment is drowned out quickly by an attack apparently continuous nu-metal.

The characters do not fare much better; Jake is presented as a complex figure, but it basically amounts to a mannequin muscular with a reaction of “chicken” to Marty McFly to raise to his father. Max and Low enter in the roles of “best friend” and “girlfriend” without doing anything to get there. Max goes from being a weirdo in the cafeteria trying to encourage Jake to make bad decisions in a BFF mutual of ride or die seemingly instantly, and the transition of Jake hating legitimately sick to prepare it for the kicks in the ass before you referred to to suck face with it is less organic than the keyboard on which I write this.

Ryan is a case even worse, basically acting as the attempt of a scientist to be dishonest to create the platonic ideal of the shower. It is far from being a version of the universe a mirror of Sage Northcutt, and in no time shows something resembling a personality beyond do instinctively the action is more unpleasant in a given time. What I understand, writing villains is hard. The Marvel movies don’t really discovered until the ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming”. However, we would appreciate at least a minimum of effort.

God bless Hounsou, who strives much more than this movie deserves to make Jean Roqua a character really compelling despite the writing abysmal.

Where the film opens a path in the territory of “so bad it’s almost good” is in the frame. In case any of you are worried about spoiling a movie for 12 years, I told them explicitly is terrible, here is a warning.

A film does not necessarily have to be completely original to be entertaining; “Warrior” is composed primarily of clichés, but they run well enough so that the end result is still convincing. “Never go back” is only “Karate Kid, but bad”. Could probably extract a thousand other words of a more detailed explanation of why the story is a failure catastrophic, but let’s focus on the most silly.

When Jake mature as a person until the point in which it recognizes that the tournament has no meaning and is removed, Ryan hits Max up to nearly to death and throws him out of the house of Jake. Literally, there is nothing to prevent Jake go to the police after I take Max to the hospital; Roqua saw Max getting into the car of Ryan, there are witnesses who can attest that Ryan is an idiot obsessed with violence, and Max will be able to testify after the treatment. There is no reason for Jake to participate in the tournament and, nevertheless, gives a great speech dramatic Roqua that crumbles under the slightest scrutiny, and then it does.

“Why not simply called the police?” It can be a critique of lazy, but come on. I feel that this movie can be summed up best with the instructions of the referee in the first fight of the tournament, in which, after informing the participants that it will be a party “without restrictions”, lists what movements are prohibited.

If you have a place to pass it on, like HBO Go, take some drinks and watch on a video call with friends. It’s the kind of schlock that are best enjoyed as a group.

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