FILM: Chris and Liam Hemsworth prepare film TOGETHER For this year!


Chris Hemsworth, and his younger brother, Liam, are the two brothers of the time Hollywood, so it is not surprising that at some point of their careers they decide to work together, and it seems that this will be the year.

FILM: Chris and Liam Hemsworth prepare film TOGETHER For this year!

Chris and Liam Hemsworth at premiere of Hollywood

In an interview with Men’s Health, the australian, Liam Hemsworth revealed – even if not deepened into the details – that he plans to star in a movie along with his older brother, Chris Hemsworth, whom she admires a lot.

  • “I call him (Chris Hemsworth) all the time on dashes to get his opinion. ‘How do I do that? How should I do that?’ We are looking to make a movie this year together, which is like a big thing of action-comedy”.

Liam Hemsworth of 30 years of age, gave no further details on the progress of the project, with Chris Hemsworth, who possibly was disrupted by the pandemic coronavirus, and that he would take up until the end of the contingency.

The brothers Hemsworth conquer Hollywood

Originating in Melbourne, Australia, the brothers Hemsworth, Chris and Liam have managed to conquer Hollywood with a quickness incredible thanks of the franchises joined despite being actors virtually unknown in the united States.

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Chris Hemsworth was able to consolidate its reputation at international level with his role as Thor in the Movie Universe of Marvel, while Liam Hemsworth achieved the same result with the Saga of the Hunger Games where he gave life to Gale Hawthorne.

  • “I really admire my brother Chris […] Has a work ethic stronger than most. It is very concentrated. I am grateful that I have it and I can use their resources and knowledge”.

Despite the fact that the eldest of the Hemsworth, Luke Hemsworth is also an actor and was the first of them to start a career as an artist, Liam Hemsworth stated that Chris Hemsworth was your inspiration to become an actor.