Filter audio in which Amber Heard admits to beating Johnny Depp


Here are some of the phrases that are revealed.

“I can’t promise that you won’t get into the physical again. Me so angry that I lose the reason. I regret not having beaten across the face with a slap is appropriate, but I was taking a punch. Baby, you’re not beaten”.

Amber Heard

“I don’t know what was the movement of my hand, but you’re well, you’re not hurt, do not you threw a punch, only I was hitting”.

Amber Heard

“You are a baby. It grows from a jo… time Jonny. You push an animal enough, eventually, no matter what kind, is not great.”

Amber Heard

“I went last night. Honestly, I swear, because it simply could not take the idea of more physical, more physical abuse from one another. Because if we had continued, would have become bad. And baby, I told you so once. I’m afraid of dying, we are a crime scene at this time.”

Johnny Depp

The publication ensures that the episode is one of many that the couple had an informal session of a couple of hours of therapy, recorded so consensual on the phone she

By this it is understood that there are many recordings that exist of the couple.

Heard filed for divorce on may 23, 2016 and obtained a temporary restraining order against Depp, stating that he had been verbally and physically abusive throughout their relationship, usually under the influence of drugs or alcohol.