For the first time, Drake shares a photo of her son on Instagram


During these times so complicated due to the pandemic of coronavirusthere is no doubt that many people have shown a more sensitive side to and empathetic with the world, and we share at least social networks, now that we cannot see physically. What we have noticed among us, but also before the celebrities, who are always under the surveillance of the public eye. Many take advantage of that to touch on sensitive issues and in need of exposure, while other celebrities open their hearts to share a little of his private life and connect with their followers. One of those celebrities this week, has been Drake.

While there are a lot of news about Drake, what is certain is that your private life is not SO well-known that say. But faced with the situation that we live today, the music has decided to share a photo of your child, along with a reflection.

“What’s most important to you in this moment is to connect to their own inner light. This will all begin to open up. Trust that you have all the power to make this happen, and to do that, connect with people and things that give them a lot of joy”, he wrote Drake.

“When the mind begins to think too much or to give rise to the fears, change your attention away to something shiny. No matter what has happened in the past or what is happening around us now, you can always choose to break free from the wheel of suffering and panic and open up to their own light”, continues the message of Drake, directed to those who tend to have thoughts chaotic by all that we see in the news.