Halle Berry launches a programme of physical training


Halle Berry

The actress, 53 years old, he joined his personal trainer Peter Lee Thomas to launch Rē • Spin.

Halle Berry and her personal trainer and friend Peter Lee Thomas just throw together a programme of physical training and a collection of training accessories call Rē • Spin.

On Instagram, by sharing a sexy picture, actress, 53 years old, made the official announcement:

“In the last two years, you came, you shared, and enjoyed this crazy adventure of fitness with me and @peterleethomas! I am eternally grateful for you, and I wanted to create something special to celebrate our two years together. I am delighted to announce my first collection of fitness single, ‘Rē • Spin by Halle Berry’. To introduce the new collection, @peterleethomas and I will use the pieces this week (…) can’t wait to see the collection. Find it at @tjmaxx, @rossdressforless,” warned the star.

With that, Halle is making your workouts more accessible with its collection of exercises, clothes and gadgets, inspired in its followers of Instagram.

“One of the many reasons why I love working with @peterleethomas is your creative exercise and fun,” he wrote recently.