Halle Berry unveils its products of beauty favorites


At 53 years, Halle Berry has become a real ‘girl fitness’, so that in your account of Instagram shares each Friday their routines in which includes her daily workouts, as well as all kinds of tips, which serve as a motivation to its more than five million followers.

The star is oscar-winning by ‘Monster Ball’ has revealed this week the beauty products that used to your habits of hygiene and care face and body.”And here are some of my favorite things for the new year…”, has written in his histories of Instagram.

In the first place, the exmodelo american been told that you are a fan of the facial mask LED light dr. Denis Gross, that stimulates the production of collagen and combat the outbreaks of acne (300 euros).

While in order to enjoy a relaxing moment at the end of the day, Berry opt for bath salts natural Kismey. Especially like the lavender and rosemary (11 euros), and of Himalayan pink salt (11 eur).

Another of their cosmetic favorites for the shower is a cleansing gel of the signature Aesop (45 euros), which contains oil of tangerine and rind of bergamot to thoroughly clean the facial skin.

Berry bet also by two types of exfoliants to keep your skin soft and free of impurities. Buddy Scrub Hey Gorgeous Boddy Scrub of coffee to exfoliate and nourish the body with coconut oil, grape seed, sea salt and brown sugar (16 euros) and Heel to toe Exfoliate Body Scrub specific to exfoliate the feet (8 euros). On the other hand, the artist opts for moisturize your skin daily with cream, cocoa butter, Charity Pot from Lush (30 euros).