Has Lizzo pure self-love


Mexico city– In a landscape full of commercial music there is a figure that with its authenticity and courage has charted a new path, which breaks the standards of the entertainment industry: Lizzo.

With its vision of self-acceptance, the singer, 31, has conquered not only the world of music with three Grammy awards, but to her eight million followers, that day-to-day applaud the speech that guide its course.

“Makes three projects I did a song called My Skin and was one of the only songs of self-love that he had, and he touched a lot of people were approaching and I said, ‘I love that song, it made me celebrarme to myself,’ and then I said: ‘If I’m helping people, that is the address to which I have to encaminarme'”, shared Melissa Viviane Jefferson, real name of the interpreter, in an interview.

“It took Me a long time to be able to be good at it, because there is a lot of work and trial and error when it comes to empoderarte yourself. I had to work each day with a new anomaly, a new challenge, and I think that my music is about to overcome those adversities, always going through the conflict.”

Despite the fact that it already had two materials record, Lizzobangers (2013), and Big Grrrl Small World (2015), it was not until Cuz I Love You (2019) that the artist was able to connect finally with the ideals that I had.

“I learned a lot of self-love, of loving myself and how that works in the real world. You can love all the days at home, but just put one foot in the exterior, there will be people who want to take away that, and, what will you do in this situation? And that is what Cuz I Love You represents.”

“There are many songs that are like moments of my life at the time, and when I think of this album, I say ‘wow!, all of that is what I went through, what used to be’, and everything is completely different now, and I think that is its beauty. This album changed my life,” he explained.

The u.s. has positioned itself as one of the figures related to the pop, being named Artist of the Year by Time magazine and the cover of this month’s Rolling Stone magazine, photographed by David LaChapelle, in addition to lending his voice in the film, Ugly Dolls, and making a special appearance at Hustlers.

And while this has shown that there is nothing that you cannot do, in the event that fame would lose the floor, trust that you have friends that will bring you back.

“The medium may change, and I see now in the first instance how much are they manipulated things, and I will say that I am very lucky to have people that keeps me on the ground and don’t try to change my message, and that support inspires me to always stay honest in what I am,” he said.