Henry and Meghan continue to lady Di


Almost a month ago that the dukes of Sussex ceased to be senior members of the british royal family with the idea of leaving behind the media exposure constant to which they were submitted. But what is true is that since that Henry and Meghan announced his decision, in early January, every act they have performed, it has become holder. The latter has been to hire the lawyer who in his day had lady Dithe mother of prince Henry.

The duchess of Sussex maintains a legal battle against several media published you information about all messages, such as letters, Meghan with her father, which she considered private, and which gave rise to all sorts of speculation about the relationship of the daughter with its parent.

David Sherbone take the demand of the actress against several british tabloids for publishing false information

From California, where it has been installed, and no longer being officially members of the royal familyHenry and Meghan don’t want the negative reviews and false information published since they married, becoming immune. That is why, you have made the decision to querellarse against four british tabloids: The Sun, The Daily Mail, The Mirror and The Express.

The reason for this decision is that the blame for starting a “campaign of false news against Meghan for three years,” in order to “pourtray even his young bride under a false light and injurious”. Among the published news highlights that ensured that Meghan had left his parent no matter what your state of health after suffering a heart attack a few days before your wedding. The trial has begun and will be developed via the internet due to the crisis of the Covid-19.

The duke and duchess of Sussex are going to and for all and to ensure the triumph have done with the services of the lawyer David Sherborne, which in its day hired lady Di, in their struggle against the paparazzi. The news has given the own lawyer through the website of its law firm, 5RB, that says that it defends the duchess of Sussex against “the misuse of private information, breach of data protection and the infringement of copyright”.

Sherborne, 52 years old, is one of the most lawyers media Uk. Is specialized in “media, privacy, confidentiality and defamation, as well as in sports laws and marriage”, according to his resume. In addition, he says, “is particularly well-known in the industry and in the press for its wide practice in managing reputational”; in fact, he published a book about it in 2002.

In addition to the late princess Diana, Sherbone has represented Trump, the clintons, the Beckhams, the Douglas-Zeta Jones, the Spice Girls, the writer J. K. Rowling, sir Paul McCartney, Jude Law, Benazir Bhutto, Kate Winslet, Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, sir Elton John and his husband, David Furnish, Amy Winehouse, Harry Styles, Cheryl Cole, and Mike Tyson are some of them. Currently Sherbone also defends Johnny Depp, in the lawsuit that the actor filed against The Sun for defamation, when it is defined as a “violent husband” in his relationship with actress Amber Heard.