How Shawn Mendes ignored to Justin Bieber? (VIDEO)


Shawn Mendes he was invited, along with many other stars, to an event of Hollywood Walk Of Fame made in honour of Sir Lucian Grainge, and it was there where he would find himself with some well-known in the music industry, such was the case of Hailee Steinfeld and Sam Smithto whom the singer greeted kindly.

However, in the same event there was also a Justin Bieber, who despite being just a few steps from him, did not get a look by the interpreter of ‘Lost in Japan’.

Videos of different moments where the lack of interest in Shawn it is noticeable will have turned around Twitterand although it seems to be a mutual feeling, that did not stop both appeared in the same photo collective ignoring and surrounded by other stars.

This time discomfort between Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes has given a lot to talk about on social networks and internet users speculate on the reason why the singers decided to ignored and continue with their roads. What do you think you are? Leave your comment.