“I get bored”: did Camila Cabello sick of Shawn Mendes? This photo would demonstrate


United States.- It seems the famous and beloved singer, Camila Hair, is already fed up of sharing 24 hours a day, seven days a week with Shawn Mendesor at least that was thought by the blouse with the legend “I get bored“.

Mendes and Hair have been going together the insulation for the Covid-19 in the mansion of the singer along with her parents, Alexander Hair and Sinuhé Estrabo, with whom he has shared fun moments and strange powers.

And although her blouse to suggest that you are already boring of the person who reads it, she clarified that it was not any of that, since I thought that all I would see are really “amazing”.

You don’t really get bored, I would never say that, I think that you are it’s amazing!”, wrote Hair.

Source: Instagram @camila_cabello