I Selfie outrageous in the WC! Jennifer Lopez just like this! And the photo has hours

Jennifer Lopez | EFE

April 21, 2020
(14:53 CET)

One of the dresses most famous Jennifer Lopez it is, without doubt, the Jungle Dress designed by Donatella Versace. A model that has worn on more than one occasion.

The last one was last year, at a catwalk held in tribute to Donatella Versace. And even if they had passed 20 years from the first time I put it on, JLo showed follow as well physically when I was 30 years.

Jennifer Lopez makes history with the Jungle Dress

The other, as we said, it was in the year 2000. And attention, because that day changed the world of the internet.

Few know the history, but from that day it was created Google Images. The singer was one of the header images in those days of the new Google making it much more attractive which has since become a great browser at the global level.

jennifer lopez jungle dress

But these are not the only times in which it has seen Jennifer look the famous and iconic Jungle Dress. And for the network are circulating some photos which appears dressing that removes the hypo more than one. For example, which we share below.

The photo of Jennifer Lopez on the TOILET

It appears JLo moments before leaving for the parade held in 2019 in honor of Versace, posing in front of the mirror and showing-off in the tipazo that holds their 50 years. And meets 51 in July.

A physicist who has managed two maxims. The sports daily, following the tables imposed by the physios, as well as respecting to the maximum the diet recommended by your nutritionist.

Some say that the plastic surgeon has also had something to do with it. And that without the operations that you have undergone could not boast of the palmetto. But it is also true that when you leave the operating room there is to maintain what has been achieved. And there JLo it does not fail.

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