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After given to know the death of the indian actor Irrfan Khan, singer Priyanka Chopra decided to fire his friend from his personal account of Instagram. The publication of the wife of Nick Jonas has more than two million ‘likes’ on the part of his followers.

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“The world will always remember your legacy #irrfankhan. Luchaste as a warrior … Rest in peace, friend … My condolences to the family”wrote Priyanka Chopra in his account of Instagram.

“It is a sad news”, “it was one of the greatest actors of a generation”, “Irrfan Khan was always my favorite actor,” “it is a beautiful picture to say goodbye to our friends”, voiced by the followers of Chopra.

As you recall, Irrfan Khan, known throughout the world for his roles in “life of Pi” or “Slumdog Millionaire,” died on Wednesday at age 53 in the city of Bombay, the mecca of the film industry of Bollywood.

“Surrounded by love and her family which fell all over itself, left us to go to heaven leaving a true legacy. Let us pray for him and we hope that you are at peace”said the family of the Khan in a statement sent to the press.


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