It goes for everything! Jennifer Lopez gets to the very heart of a new project, it Unthinkable for their fans!


Jennifer Lopez it is women that are not afraid of new challenges, since all that it is proposed to undertake achieves a guaranteed success and this was manifested throughout his career, even today.

The protagonist of “Selena” it has ventured into the world of the show, managing to sow seeds into the music, the screens and the red carpet, but to the surprise of many can always be more, so that JLo came to the empire of the business.

Since he began his relationship with Alex Rodriguez, the singer has had a stronger influence to manage their numbers, and on more than one occasion he has worked in society to grow that capital.

Recently the diva of the Bronx announced through the social networking that adds to your list of businesses the combination of the brand’s “Hers and Hims”, a proposal that seeks to treat the acne, hair loss, and women’s health.

While a second line will be responsible for creating products backed by science with the same characteristics, but aimed at men and their well-being.

“I’ve been in this business for 25 years, and one of the things that I’ve had to learn is to take care of myself better. That is why with Alex we are happy to partner with a brand that makes personal care easier and effective”, he wrote the interpreter next to the video posted on the official website for Hims.

Finally, Jennifer he explained he is looking for with this new project that face to face with her fiance, and said: “The mission is to eliminate the stigma and make it easier for people to access the care and treatment of the conditions that affect their daily lives,” making it clear that beyond the investments you want to leave a footprint.