It is said that Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson ended up this strange message


Cara Delevingne he wrote a strange message on Ashley Benson on his Twitter account…

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Face and Ashley carried out more than a year, their relationship is so romantic that it has become one of the couples most beloved of Hollywood; however, his fans went crazy when the afternoon last Monday, a strange message appeared on the Twitter account of the Face, then claimed that he had ended his relationship with Ashley: “Me and Ashley ended up”.


20 minutes later the message was removed from the account of the model, as according to reports Entertainment Tonightthe features of the Face had been been hacked, because in addition to announcing the supposed breakup, they shared messages requesting monetary assistance.

The middle ensures that the team Face quickly managed to take back the control of the profile of the model and delete all the messages, and thus disprove the alleged breakup with Ashley, what a relief!

Fortunately the odd household it was only a joke in bad taste, and Face and Ashley are still together.

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