James Charles is surprising to Instagram with a photo of the natural


With only 20 years of age, James Charles Dickinson has become a star of the Youtube platform. Today the u.s. has become a trend on Twitter for having mocked the censorship of Instagram with a photo of the natural in their stories.

The image with plenty of skin exposed, lets see the attributes of Charles, which is why his followers went crazy; while other more question in Twitter why the fuss, given that they consider there are other celebrities more attractive.

If you wish to view the photograph click here and check out their stories.

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James Charles reached the popularity at a very young age, became famous for her tutorials of makeup that he himself is the model; it really surprised many, and was as well as won her over 16 million subscribers on Youtube.

Thanks to his skill with make-up, the young man is placed as one of the best channels of beauty at the famous platform, so much so that he became the first ambassador for men CoverGirl.

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A few months ago the youtuber had a major loss of followers as a result of an altercation he had with Tati Westbrooka make-up artist and hair stylist in Hollywood that is considered to be the “mentor” mentor of Charles.

It was announced that the young “betrayed”, as she asked him the support to promote a few products from her and he told her that was not something appropriate to your audience, soon after, launched advertising about similar products, the brand competition Westbrook.

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It was the same Tati Westbrook who unveiled this fact on social networks, having a considerable influence in the decision of many followers of James Charles, to withdraw your subscription.