James Charles makes a mockery of the hacker and his revenge becomes a meme


After the controversial scuffle with her friend the makeup artist Tati Westbrook that made him lose a considerable amount of followers on your youtube channel, James Charles returns to be the center of attention.

The young influencer and beauty guru reference has suffered one of the worst attacks to the privacy and intimacy you can receive today through the new technologies: it has been the victim of a hack.

Apparently, the hackers would have entered on his Twitter account and posted a naked Charles next to comments homophobic and racist. Something that does not fit to anything with your personality.

At once his followers realized that something weird was happening and it was not long until James Charles was able to re-gain control of your account and tweet that everything was back to normal.

To do this, Charles wanted to laugh at the hackers and has published “the ONLY one naked” that has been taken in ensuring that this could not blackmail him with it, showing a butt so perfect that the envious will say that is a product of photoshop. But it has not been formed only that, but the first ambassador men’s CoverGirl, he has commanded a recadito: “Get a life” along with the emoji of a comb:

“Hello I have my account back. In the event that I come back to hacking, here is the ONLY nude that I’ve taken! I can not threaten me with it now. Get a life”.

However, the thing is not here, and that is the bare consented to James Charles it has become a meme!

The influencer has known take advantage of it. Taking advantage of all the attention fell on him and his rear, he has created a meme for ‘censoring’ their buttocks with a sticker for do a bit of activism: “We have to put out the fires of the amazon jungle before we all die”.

These are some of the memes more funny circulating on Twitter:


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