Jason Momoa could be the new villain of Spider-Man and so looks


The actor of Game of Thrones could make the jump from DC to Marvel to become Kraven the Hunter.

Aquaman it was an unexpected success and it was all thanks to Jason Momoathe actor Game of Thrones that managed to conquer the fans despite the fact that appeared just a few chapters.

Khal Drogo he died very soon, but it was clear that the race Momoa (who I appreciated in the series Baywatch in her teens) was about to take off, so that was not a big surprise when DC Comics he was recruited to give it a new life and a new identity to a character that is not usually the favorite, Aquaman.

Jason Momoa he became the king of the sea, and it was so good in the film that rumors of a possible sequel started circulating since the release of the first film, but it seems to be that this will not be the only role they could have in the comics universe. In accordance with Comicbook.com, Marvel has its eyes on the actor and what they have considered to become the next be the next villain to face Tom Holland on his return to the MCU.

The site specialized in everything that has to do with the comics, ensures that Sony has already started the process of casting to do a film solo, Kraven the Hunter, and in accordance with Bosslogic, Jason Momoa it’s the perfect candidate. The artist even shared a picture in which imagines the actor as the famous villain from the comics.

And Bosslogic it is not the only one that thinks so, Comicbook he says that Momoa has been one of the favourites for the role since a long time, though it still does not end his role in the DC universe.

Even Tom Holland revealed that he would love that Momoa will stay with the role, especially because now there are more chances of a crossover of Spider-Man in the movies the villains of Sony, “Do you know that? Kraven is one of my favorites for a cameo “, said Holland in 2017. “I always wanted Aquaman play Kraven, but now is DC. I thought that would be cool.”

It is not common for the actors to jump off of a movie universe from the comic books to another, Marvel and DC are competitors, but neither is it prohibited and there is really nothing that will prevent Momoa become the new villain in the way of Peter Parkerthough , with the upcoming movie Aquaman on the road (although it has no date, but it seems that DC is already confirmed as one of the next releases)it may take a while to be able to pass to the MCU.

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In addition, Ryan Coogler, director of Black Panther, he had already said in the past that, despite being a character of Sony, we would like to use Kraven the Hunter in the sequel to Black Panther and even asked the heads of the study if I could use it.

“As a fan of Marvel, you want to catch all the characters,” said Coogler to Yahoo! Movies UK the last year. “You realize that there are things in the contract. You do not have that character. There was a race of Christopher Priest that was quite heavy, there is a great scene where the Panther fight against Kraven, Kraven the Hunter“.

Adding that: “I’ve Always loved Kraven the Hunter in almost every iteration. Then there was a moment: “can I grab Kraven?”, And were [como] “No, you don’t have to Kraven“. It was one in which I thought “Oh, man”, but I don’t even know if he had worked on the movie that we ended up, these were the early days”.

Supposedly, the film Kraven is being written by Richard Wenk, The Equalizer, who confirmed that the film will present a clash between the famous villain and Spider-Man.