Jason Momoa is Ozzy Osbourne in the new music video of the singer


Jason Momoa is most known for his role in the famous HBO series Game of Thrones – 97%, but especially by his interpretation of the fierce Aquaman – 73%. The actor was highlighted by his appearance rough and strong, but it is well known that stands out for having a huge heart, and a reputation of always having fun on the sets of the recording. To the surprise of all, one of the last projects of the interpreter has been to become The Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne, for the teaser Scary Little Green Menthe final single from the iconic singer.

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At the beginning of the year the world was shocked by the news of the alleged death of Ozzy. The musician is a legend for his career in Black Sabbath at the end of the TWENTIETH century, but also became a figure known thanks to a reality show for MTV where he presented the daily life of the family Osbourne. Fortunately for all, the singer is not with one foot in the grave, however, revealed that has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. The emotional announcement that tore through thousands of his fans, he was accompanied by the promise of a new record material.

Ordinary Man is the title of the new album Ozzy Osbourneand the surprises do not end there, because the promotion of this new material has been accompanied with the teaser of which is presumed to be the first single of the singer in a long time: Scary Little Green Men. This video has as a protagonist to the star of Aquaman 2, something that was mesmerizing to the fans, because everything in the production seems likely that we will see the Prince of Darkness rocking out to your audience, however, Momoa ends up to be all eyes with its appearance style, Ozzy.

In the video behind cameras of Scary Little Green Menthe director of the teaser, Marc Klasfeldexplains that his intention was to recreate a scenario that was familiar to fans of Ozzythat certainly would fall into the trap that the man behind the layer would be the iconic singer (via Men’s Health):

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We wanted to make a video of Ozzy, but we have Jason channeling the spirit of Ozzy. We came up with a set that was very similar to Ozzy, referring to one of the old videos of Ozzy. So the idea is to provoke people to think that is Ozzy, then obviously it is not Ozzy, and Jason appears, and rocks.

Jason Momoatrue to its reputation of always having fun in all his work as an actor, shows her joy in the process of becoming a heavy metal legend. From hair, makeup, and even undergarments very similar to that used in the days of Khal Drogo (and the nails painted black which of course can not miss), the interpreter manages to look very convincing that he himself categorizes as a “great Captain ” Sparrow”:

Basically I see it as a big Dave Navarro. Or as, great Captain Jack Sparrow.

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The transformation process also includes a lot of accessories, such as chains with small skulls, bats, and everything that would be expected to complete the dark look of the Prince of Darkness. At all times the protagonist of See shows fun, excited and very much committed to interpret Ozzy Osbourne in the first music video of your life. There is No doubt that the actor came in character, and even he confesses that it is already assured that your costume for the next Halloween will be the vampire Ozzy”. It is expected that later this year, are presented the more simple of the last album of the Prince of Darkness, Ordinary Man.

If you’re a fan of Momoadon’t forget to watch for upcoming news on Aquaman 2movie , which is expected to reach cinemas on the 16th of December 2022. Does Amber Heard will return as a Mere? Surely we will know in a few more months.