Jennifer Aniston approves of this intro version quarantine


  • The Internet is ‘living’ with this new version of the intro of the series ‘Friends’, which has even shared Jennifer Aniston in their social networks.
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    If there is any remote reason why we should be grateful for the arrival of the coronavirus is because he taught us to be more united than ever as a society, has brought our facet dessert more hidden, we have put at the top with the sport… it is, sorry. I thin nonsense I said! The best of the quarantine have been the memes and parodies that have been created.

    The last worthy of sharing our ‘stories’ of Instagram (eye-bar) has been a new version of the iconic header of ‘Friends’. The author of the same have not been the producers of the series as in the original, but a composer named JC Stewart. This has imagined what it would have been the opening theme of the series if it had been created today. You already know that you will represent the 100%, and it even has the approval of one of its protagonists: It Jennifer Aniston! The actress has been who has been sharing the video. Look what a fantasy.

    The new intro of ‘Friends’ version quarantine has conquered Jennifer Aniston

    Here’s the letter:

    ‘So no one told you life was going to be as well.
    Your life seems to be a joke, you’re broke and your love life is D. O. A.
    It seems that we’re going to be stuck at home for a year.
    Or maybe it’s just a day, a weeks or months. It’s not even clear.
    So I’ll be here all day, looking at what there is in the fridge.
    I’ll be here all day, just watching ‘the Tiger King’.
    I’ll be here all day, and you will also.’

    Don’t tell me that there is a great song! In addition, the video is superbién set, with the visits pertinent to the fridge, moments of pure boredom on the couch and mythical applause included.

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    Mood girl Cosmo, that in nothing you’ll be able to start dating! In the meantime, you can always look for thirty-third time, all seasons of ‘Friends’, enter, original included, of course.

    Test: how much do you know of ‘Friends’?