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Had spent years without having a close relationship, for he was not much to his side when he was just a little girl, which affected them a lot. However, in these days of isolation, the actress would have left aside the past definitely. Jennifer Aniston might have taken an important step in your personal life taking up a regular contact with her father John Anistonof 86 years. As have informed sources close to the that he was a veteran actor of the series to The Mail on Sundaythe actress, 51 years of age, he had already forgiven his father, but their relationship had always been marked by what happened. “Jennifer did not speak with him for a long time. Since the crisis of the coronavirus have talked on the phone case every day. And not short conversations. It is as if he had realized that life is too short and would like to get your relationship off to the best possible,” says the source. A circumstance that has made very happy the father of the interpreter. “He is delighted to have been reconciled”.

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The contact with his mother was also a little nerve-wracking for 15 years, after which Nancy Down to publish a book about your family history in 1999, From mother and daughter to Friends: A memoir hardcoverthat is not liked to the interpreter. Not invited to her wedding with actor Brad Pitt in 2000, but later reconciled. Nancy passed away in 2016. The childhood of the protagonist of Friends was not easy due to the divorce of their parents. I was only 10 years old when they were separated (he was in 1979 after 11 years of marriage), and his father left, which had a great effect on it. Been told on occasion how he explained to his mother and the shock that was for her. “I don’t remember anything more than the disgust that suddenly my father was not there. And left for a time, near a year”.

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Has been pointed out that resumed after the relationship, and is seen from time to time, a situation that was assuming. As time went on, they realized that I couldn’t keep blaming himself forever to his parents for what happened. John was one of the interpreters of the title Days of our lives, from 1985, which is mentioned casually in the comedy that became recognized to his daughter, Friends. The actors of the sitcom prepare a reunion tv-anticipated by the fans that will take place once health conditions permit.