Jonas Brothers and Karol G with Nicki Minaj put legs up the list | Videos | 40 to 1


This week, the Jonas Brothers have entered again in the list with What a man gotta do, getting the entry stronger (live at #35). The echoes of their passage through Spain have encouraged their fans to support them without truce, which has resulted in Nick, Joe and Kevin have achieved a doublet: still in the chart another of their songs, Only humanwent to number one (now in the #25).

The trio of brothers is one of the protagonists of the list this week, which lead Pablo Alborán and Ava Max with Taboo, for the third week are not consecutive. They have also bundled good Karol G and Nicki Minaj: their subject to average, Tusa, he has climbed no less than ten positions, to stay in the #16, which makes it the climb is more important. The success of the moment is going like a rocket in the list, such as to skim the posts of head have only needed two weeks.

Every time Manuel Carrasco has dropped out of the rankings, the new record of permanence falls in Rosalia and Ozuna with I x you, you x me: sum already 26 weeks on the list, and he now stays in the #19. Do you want more info? Watch the video above.