Just curious! The best kept secret of Lady Gaga: It brings in the hands of a mysterious plan!


Lady Gaga it is known for bragging about your daring personality, which has earned us to become a respected place in the competitive music industry, being today one of the figures with greater prominence.

The singer of “Bad romance” has tasted the sweetness of success in several opportunities, thanks to one of the voices most prodigious of the medium, which attracts millions of fans around the world.

Despite the hard time that spans the entire planet, the pop star it has not ceased to resonate in the digital world, after discovering a good new that would be a huge gap towards the peak of his fame.

It is the possibility of a collaboration between the artist of 34 years and a well-known band foreign wreaks havoc on the young audience.

We mean nothing more and nothing less than group in south korea known as the “Black Pink”, who according to strong rumors the singer of “Alejandro” had already recorded one song that would be included on his new album.

“Chromatica”, is the name of the album that you would be cooking and soon you will see the light. The more daring claim that because it would have revealed some images of the back cover of the record material, in which are the singers of K-pop.

So soon, the fans of Gaga will have to wait to confirm the good news, so that you are kept waiting before any update. What a nerve!