Karol G, and the pronounced cleavage red that ended with the ex-girlfriend of Babo


Karol G caused a stir among his followers when displayed this way in networks

Social networks have different functions. Make friends, find love and do business are just some of them. However, in these digital platforms also there are profiles of girls by their beauty, talent, charisma and sensuality catch the attention of internet users.

This knows to the perfection Melanie Pavola, ex-girlfriend of Babo that has conquered thousands of people.

Karol G

Just on Instagram, the former of Babo has more than 2 million followers, who did not lose a single one of the publications that made. In your profile tends to hang up photos and videos of their day-to-day, of the places you visit and the coexistence with friends and family.

Recently, Melanie Pavola uproar by a series of ardent photos that hung up. In these snapshots you can see that you are using a plunge bra that lets you see part of your bust and pants loose fitting.

Karol GKarol G

‘Somewhere’, he wrote in the description of the publication that, until now, has over 75 thousand Likes and hundreds of comments praising her beauty.

However, despite the sensuality wasted, internet users claimed that another celebrity surpassed it.

Was treated neither more nor less than Karol G, colombian singer that has positioned itself among the juvenile audience.

Karol G

She is also extremely popular in Instagram, as it has over 29 million followers, who are the slope of each one of the steps that gives.

Karol G usually uploading photos and videos of their presentations and what they do day in and day out, keeping informed your audience of each of their projects.

In the pictures with the that, of agreement with the users, surpassed the former of Babo, Karol G appears using a tight red bathing suit, has glasses in the shape of a heart and lets see part of your anatomy.

Karol GKarol G

‘Mom what you want’, he wrote in the description of the publication referring to the topic ‘Safaera’ Bad Bunny.

For the moment, snapshots that are more than 2 million Likes and hundreds of comments praising her beauty.

What do you think about Karol G? Do you think that is more attractive than Melanie Pavola?

Sources: LNN, Instagram and Debate

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