Kate Beckinsale is convinced that Ryan Reynolds is his twin


doKate Beckinsale and Ryan Reynolds they are twins separated at birth? She thinks, or at least that he is his double.

Almost all the celebrities have a double, Jessica Chastain it is identical to Bryce Dallas Howard, Tom Hardy and Logan Michael Green they are practically the same person and Amber Heard (and Jason Momoa) and Scarlett Johansson they could be sisters, the resemblance is obvious and we only need to compare photographs to verify that we live in the Matrix and that someone went crazy with the copy button, and even they themselves tend to become confused with the images.

But, even when they have the faces more famous in the world and we see on all sides, are similar that we don’t notice at first, until someone shows him, as just happened with Kate Beckinsale and her twin famous.

The actress Underworld and Total Recall appeared on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and took the opportunity to reveal to her double. According to Beckinsale, she is identical to Ryand Reynolds (what think of Blake Lively in this regard?) and even is confused when she sees pictures of him.

“I see myself exactly as Ryan Reynolds, as in a big way “, he revealed to her the star of Widow to the host.” When I sometimes see a bus passes with a poster in it, I think: ‘Damn, I look good. Oh, wait, that’s not me. In addition, I have never made that movie.” Fallon then showed photos of Beckinsale and Reynolds side by side the other for the audience, as he confessed that, like all of us, I had not noticed the resemblance before. But Beckinsale insisted that despite the fact that Reynolds is not the first person that everyone thinks when they try to find his twin, the two are practically twins, and he added that: “it Is like a great man and canadian really me I see in him.”

Beckinsale insists they are identical, although, fortunately, stop it, do not have the same body of a superhero.

Despite the resemblance to the actress says that shared (and the more we listen the more we see it, there is something in the shape of your face that screams Reynolds), the two have not had the opportunity of getting to know (will it be a moment as in Parent Trap when Linsdey Lohan discovers you have a twin?). “I can’t be in the same room as him, one of us would explode,” he joked.

The actress is not the first celebrity to discover her double Sarah Hyland, of Modern Family, she says that she and Mila Kunis with very similar, “She is recognized by me a lot … The people are about to her and tells her: ‘Hello, I love Modern Family,'” he recalled Hyland. “And then I’m like, well, pretend to be me, what I can pretend to be you?”, Jessica Chastain and Bryce Dallas Howard have said on several occasions that not correct fans when they are confused and Isla Fisher say they often confuse with Amy Adams, although we doubt it will pass some time with Kate Beckinsale.

Ryan Reynolds still has not said anything about it, but it surely is going to have some joke ready, and will seize the opportunity to trollear his wife with that detail.

This is a case of “double” in which we will not have problems to identify the actors, definitely we never thought of that Ryan Ryenolds was the protagonist of Underworld, and we have never believed that Kate Beckinsale is behind that red suit and black in Deadpool, that would be too weird, and his height away.

But, if Brad Pitt looks like their girlfriends, Ryan Rynolds you can also see how Kate Beckinsale.

Do you see the resemblance?