Katy Perry thought with care to satisfy your cravings of pregnancy


Katy Perry

The singer does not want for eating a slice of watermelon at 02:00am, someone would risk their health.

Katy Perry has to think carefully to satisfy their cravings of pregnancy, because they do not want anyone to risk their health to be able to eat watermelon fresh at 2 am.

The pop star is isolated along with her fiance Orlando Bloom, the father of the expected child, and is learning to be grateful for the little things, while keeping at bay their cravings.

“It’s one of those things that, usually, you hear stories of a pregnant woman craves something and the husband or the fiance are going to the grocery store at two in the morning. There is No hurry to go to the grocery store, “ she says, Perry told Good Morning America.

“It’s like, do you really want that watermelon? Do you really need that orange? Do you really need that pickle …? Do you really want to risk your life for a pickle? ”

The singer of Roar is also struggling with issues of control as it passes quarantine with her two nieces young people.

“You all know who control these days is in a downward spiral …, ” she says. “I’m in quarantine with my two nieces, who are three and six years, so things are not as neat as one would like”.