Kim Kardashian a ‘threat’ to sue and her sister Kourtney


The reality Keeping Up With the Kardashians it takes years to become a phenomenon of television, a fact in support of the 17 seasons that the american family has got to be at the antenna. However, the space is now at risk to the threat of abandonment of one of its protagonists. Kourtney Kardashian, the older sister of the media clan, it takes time trying to distance themselves from the space to dedicate to the upbringing and care of their children, to travel and other projects, both personal and professional. A decision to which Kim Kardashian is not in agreement and may result in legal action by the main protagonist of KUWTW.

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Although the seventeenth season of the program has not yet seen the light, the entrepreneur, has ventured to confess in a radio interview conducted by the american attorney Laura Wasser, who may need legal help when issuing the initial chapter of this new edition. “You may need a lawyer when you leave that first episode”, ensured All’s Fair With Laura Wasser just a few days ago. According to Kim, “the situation will become quite violent” between her and her sister “before improve”.

“Our job is to be open, honest and share so much of ourselves and it seems that, in recent years, Kourtney really has not been with your personal life before the cameras,” says Kim in an episode of the programme by the end of 2019. “If we’re not sharing our lives, what is the show?”, she wondered. Although currently the relationship between the sisters seems to have softened, as in the words of Kim are “a very close-knit family”, the attitude of Kourtney and her lack of commitment to the reality would have been the daughter of Robert Kardashian raised to denounce his sister for ‘breach of contract’.

Kim Kardashian in MiamiVIEW GALLERY

To Kourtney just loves to burn but only when you want and you feel like it. If someone in the family goes on vacation or takes time for herself very often, the other members of the family have to cover it and record those hours”, he confessed previously to the socialite in the program of Ellen DeGeneres. “Last year, Khloé and I record a lot because we needed to create content and we were a little burnedbecause we work a lot and in addition we have children and many other matters, so that was tiring for us. She did not took into account because it did not make a decision on if I wanted to appear in the reality or not,” he added, referring to the reason that ended up assuming a turning point in his relationship with the ex, Scott Disick.