Kim Kardashian surprised with cinturita as Thalia


What Kim Kardashian or Thalia?, who will be the holder of the smallest waist in the show?, this is very difficult to define and even more after watching the most recent photograph of Kardashian.

In the picture, which Kim shared on Instagram you can see how small is your waist and pronounced that they are her famous curves.

In the publication in question, the most famous of the protagonists of Keep up with the Kardashians she is dressed in a body that lets you see pretty skin and your hips, leaving everyone speechless .

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The famous clarified that the photograph was taken before the quarantine, and the posting of an hour ago has already more than 755 thousand likes and more than 6 thousand comments.

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Thalia is famous for having a small waist, it has even become a legend to ensure that the obtained after undergoing the removal of ribs.

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The same singer has scoffed at the comments and has even shared photographs with ribs of animals as they were of her.

For his part, Kim is recognized for her lush rear, but your waist is worthy of competition for the title.