Known to all the loves past of Salma Hayek


A few days ago Salma Hayek celebrated fourteen years of having known her soul mate, billionaire French François-Henri Pinault. The happy couple overcame all the obstacles which in his time were brought to his love, and finally walked to the altar in 2009.

From their wedding, the tórtolos live in an eternal honeymoon and have formed a strong family together Valentina Palomahis only daughter together; however, before meeting her prince charming, the talented and charming actress gave her heart to some leading men in Hollywood.

The history of the love of Salma Hayek

The stunning diva has not been involved in amorous scandals and neither has he trivialised their romantic relationships, so the relationships that remained were all very serious, long-lasting and hermetic. These are the men that the mexican beauty conquered:

Edward Atterton

When the career of Salma was in its heyday, the interpreter began a romance with the handsome actor Edward Atterton in 1997.

The English and the veracruz is met when rolling the tape “The hunchback of Notre Dame” and in the short time since kept a special bond. Also, during his infatuation, avoided at all costs being seen in public even though everyone knew that they were leaving together.

Unfortunately, in 1999, the star confessed to a journalist that she and Atterton had been separated; he asserted the magazine Who.

Edward Norton

Shortly after, in 1999, the celebrity returned to find the love in another Edward, but this time it was the actor Edward Norton.

This idyll was also carried with great caution and discretion, so that it was in the year 2000 that the world learned that between the two sparks flew. Also, tried not to be caught by the press, to take care of your relationship of the media and his personal life remained in the background.

Professionally, they shared the big screen in “Frida”, a tape that earned Hayek his first nomination to the Oscar awards. Unfortunately, in 2003 they ended.

Josh Lucas

The famed producer was not single for long and later in 2003 she started to go out with Josh Lucasthat was a few years her junior and whom she met at a party. According to Whoboth are allowed to see together publicly in an exhibition of Sami Hayekthe brother of the superstar.

Later, I would repeat the same pattern with their boyfriends past and would mask the reflectors of your passion. For 2004, the outpouring among the artists ran out and they ended their relationship in the summer.

However, it seems that everything ended on good terms because when he was born the only daughter of Hayek, Lucas assured People I was very happy for her.

It will be a mother very loving. The way it is with your dogs, I can’t imagine how it will be with your daughter,” she told the magazine.

François-Henri Pinault

Finally, in 2006, Salma Hayek would be flechada with the owner of the group Kering, François-Henri Pinaultduring her attendance to an exhibition of the powerful family in the Palazzo Grassi, in Venice.

After that meeting, both started a relationship and already in 2007 were committed and they had a daughter; however, a few months of celebrating marriage in 2008, the protagonist of “Like a Boss” surprised to announce that they canceled their marriage.

Thankfully, they reunite a few months later and jumped into the water civil the 14 of February of 2009 in Paris. Their religious wedding was celebrated in April of the same year in the city that brought them together: Venice.

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