Lady Gaga and her eccentric quarantine


While the health alert for the coronavirus continuing at the global level, many of the celebrities are helping to raise awareness about the need to stay at home and avoid contacts with people within the risk groups. One of the artists that has been put in quarantine preventive has been Lady Gaga, who, through his Instagram he has shared the messages of encouragement and has shown us what bizarre that this being his confinement.

Lady Gaga is not characterized by being discrete, precisely, and of course, its quarantine could not be less. The artist is aware of the crisis of the coronavirus and few days ago launched the following message in your networks:

“It is now more important than ever to be kind. For those who are ill or those who are not, but they are afraid. We’re in this together. I love you world”. The singer was trying to instill courage and hope in the face of the exceptional situation in which we are living.

Shortly after, Lady Gaga explained that had been put in quarantine, voluntary and shared-in your account of Instagram a photo of how it is being… and you do not have waste! While maintaining its particular style, the singer is portrayed with a pair of sunglasses of pasta and a sucks of leather on the shoulder with attitude rocking.

The most striking of his forty, in addition to the look with which he has chosen to pass this on, it is the company that has. And is that Lady Gaga is one in which humans are concerned but it has the company of her three dogs, who has also dressed for the occasion.

Lady Gaga is aware of the amount of followers you have and the influence it exerts on them, that’s why, in this crisis by the coronavirus, wanted to launch a message to all of them to become aware of the prevention measures you need to take:

Lady Gaga in the music video 'Stupid Love'

Lady Gaga in the music video ‘Stupid Love’

I’ve been spoken with some doctors, and scientists. This time is not the easiest for all, but the most generous and healthy that we can do, is to put us in quarantine and do not hang out with people older than 65 years, or be in large groups. I would like to see my parents and my grandmothers in these times but it is best not to avoid giving them in the case that I is. I’m staying at home with my dogs. I love you world, together we will overcome this. Trust me, I talked to God, said that we’ll be ok”.

Lady Gaga keeps her quarantined defensive about everything to avoid spreading it to other people in case of a positive test for the coronavirus and want to give example with it. A few hours ago has posted another photograph with which has launched a nice message:

“This is just to remind you that I think a lot of you, what it is to feel and what it is to be human. It is so important to be aware that we have to be a unique community and friendly. We cannot do this without goodness. And the coronavirus is not fragmentable.

My thought of the day is to accept that there will be times that we will feel disempowered and out of control, but we can fill that space with kindness and be a part of the solution of a global problem. Then we will have the control. We can create healing by learning how to be kind and care for each other and ourselves during these times.”

lady gaga instagram

lady gaga instagram