Lady Gaga will call her next album Adele and has everyone talking


One year ago today, the fever for A Star is Born was all that she gave and the name of Lady Gaga it was the most talked about, both by his amazing voice, as for his nominations Golden globe and the Oscar. This fall, the singer fly to be in the middle of the spotlight but for a very different reason.

The singer shared a tweet that has us a little concerned/excited. “I’ll call ADELE for my next album”. Yes, we die by listen to their new songs, but… why he decided to put the name of another famous singer.

As expected, fans of the singer began to draw their own conclusions about the name of the album, and while some claimed that it is a collaboration between the two artists, other said that it could be a reference to a type of flower and not to the british singer.

We leave you here some of the reactions of the followers of Lady Gaga:

“If lady Gaga tweeted that for no reason and actually does a song with Adele … I swear …, ” wrote one Twitter user.

“Lady Gaga, I’ll call my next album Adele.

Small monsters”, wrote another user.

We know that the sixth album from Lady Gaga will feature the work of producer Sophie and the director of fashion, Nicola Formichetti and photographers Inez and Vinoodh.

We hope that soon the singer will resolve the speculation about the name of your album, because I sincerely do not believe that a collaboration with Adele is something far-fetched. Are good friends from a while ago, in fact you say “sirens”.

In addition, Lady Gaga has collaborated with a large number of singers, from Beyoncé passing by Christina Aguilera and up Tony Bennett.