Let Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are together and planning a secret wedding!


Where there was fire, ashes remain… And the clear example of this is the relationship that emerged between the actor ‘Once Upon a time in… Hollywood’ and the actress ‘Friends’who even I are planning a secret wedding!, as well as revealed a source close to the couple for the magazine new yorker ‘Life & Style’.

It all started when they they were caught together at the Screen Actors Guild Awards after more than 15 years of his divorce, which raised the hopes of their followers about a possible reconciliationwhich , so it was; for, at the end of February it was announced that the actors had plans to to vacation together in one of the bungalows more unique of THE, this, to celebrate his victory in the above-mentioned awards. Similarly, it was revealed that, after its passage through the bungalows the couple would embark on a secret trip to los Cabos, Mexico.

Now, more than a month of these revelations, finally comes to light that the trip to los Cabos would be to celebrate your second marriage in secret, as well as revealed the source to the average american. “They have fallen again and are planning a secret wedding on the beach”continued to the close friend to the couple “The wedding is in march. You are to be married in Los Cabos and this time he kept in secret until the matter has happened,”revealed the source to ‘Life & Style’.

The wedding between Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt

Unlike her first wedding, everything indicates that this will be something more casual and low-profiletherefore , the time that you joined in matrimonial bonds in 2000, it was one of the most exclusive events and eye-catching of all the showbiz since these decided to get married with a lavish ceremony in Malibu on top of a cliff.

The wedding took place on 29 July 2000 and it cost nothing more and nothing less than a million dollars, while the security on that day went almost 90 thousand dollars more.

Angelina Jolie seeks to re-evaluate the guardian of her children with Brad Pitt

It should be mentioned that days before it occurred to know the news about the secret wedding, a source close to the ‘actress’Maleficent’ revealed to the british ‘The Mirror’ that Angelina had signed an order to re-evaluate the custody of her children with Brad Pitt, this is because the actress wants her children away from Jennifer Anistonin fact, the same source revealed that the ex-wife of Brad Pitt spoke with him in private to forbid their children to live together with the ‘actress’Murder Mystery’.