Lizzo explains why she has not wanted to put on makeup during the quarantine


The quarantine by coronaviruses is giving much of himself. There are those who consider that the running of the bulls at home is a waste of time and those who instead are seeing the confinement as a way to take advantage of the time to devote a good part of it ourselves. Cultivate the mind and the body is one of the activities that today are essential for a large part of the society. In these difficult times in which we find ourselves is very important to take care of us and the attitude of Lizzo during this quarantine is the reflection of a large part of the society.

The singer, who has always been characterized by bringing a few looks the less glamorous, has decided to dispense with the makeup during the running of the bulls in your house. At first it is surprising the attitude of the artist as one who well knows you know who loves makeup and all things related to beauty tips. However, when we have known the reason behind his changing attitude, everything has become meaning.

“I think it’s great that we have the opportunity to wind down. My dream is to remove the nails, do not wear makeup, grow my afro and walk around naked in my own garden” said the singer in an interview with ‘People’.

Now that you have more free time than ever before, the artist is experimenting with his new appearance and he has taken advantage of the interview to talk about your daily routine. “I think that I’ve been wearing make-up all the days of my life during the past six months. We become addicted to see us very well produced. I had a few days off in Brazil in February where it was not made up and I remember thinking, why am I being so hard on myself now?” he assured the singer.

Lizzo has been proposed to learn to love yourself as well same as it is during this quarantine, without makeup or other any added. The naturalness conveyed in the interview is already palpable in their social networks where your supporters are applauding the new and renewed attitude of the singer, who day-to-day is becoming quite an example to follow by their fans.