Lola Indigo surprised with your last photo in Instagram: “you Are Angelina Jolie in girl interrupted” | News


Lola Indigo it has become one of the artists most well-known of our country in just two years, thanks to hits such as I don’t want nothin’, Woman, Witch or Lola Bunny. A consequence of this success, the artist in sum more than 900 thousand followers and followers in your account of Instagram. There, the granada shares images of her work as her day-to-day.

What the last thing that has to be released? Nothing more and nothing less than 4 Kisses, a hit next to Lalo Ebratt and Rauw that we already have conquered. In fact it sounds from number 20 on our list. In addition, Lola is preparing a collaboration with Danna Paola, as we confessed in I Stay At Home With LOS40.

In full quarantine, just like the rest of mortals, Lola Indigo has decided to upload a selfie. In the picture we see the artist, that appears beautiful, looking at the camera. Is taking the sun on a towel, surrounded by lawns. In the background, some mountains.

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A publication shared lola indigo (@lolaindigo) the

In fact, the publication was filled with comments. Many of their friends and colleagues in the profession. Even have been compared with Angelina Jolie:

Ricky Merino: “you’re Angelina in girl Interrupted”

Mary Elizabeth: “Beautiful”

Belén Aguilera: “Exploded”

Mala Rodriguez: “Belesaaa”

Omar Montes: Emoji strong arm.

We agree with Ricky Merino and we believe that the artist has a certain air to Angelina Jolie in that movie. What will you do?