Mia Khalifa uses a seductive lingerie to fall in love with Twitter users


The famous ex-actress of films for adults, Mia Khalifa, has been sharing several photos are very beautiful, elegant and at the same time sleepers, as it has taken care of their images so as not to fall into vulgarity, as you want to consent to their fans but not to return to the past.

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Mine don’t want to remember their old times, however, its millions of fans don’t want to forget it, and becomes crazy with the photos that you upload to their social networks, because you miss quite a bit.

In the photo the beautiful model is displayed sitting on a black background, with an outfit that is super cute and daring, consisting of a few white sox trasparentosas and a body uncovered that showed a lot of his great attributes front, which conquered the internet and continue to do so in a different way.

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The photo is being liked and shared pro users, those who consider that it is a photograph that is very close to his previous work, as it is quite revealing and shows a lot, for this reason users commented asking if I had returned to the movies, although the girl has not announced anything about it.

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Mine has been posting photos of this style, although with different outfits and different lencerías, since Mia revealed that wanders by your house in cloth under so you have to keep the heating at 28°C, so you want to ride in this sassy way without cold.

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After your race is so great but so short, he dedicated himself to be a commentator for sports which he always liked, also entered the world of gastronomy and is also an entrepreneur who took advantage of its fame produces calendars that she herself is the protagonist and promotes.

Currently Mia live happily committed to her boyfriend, chef Robert Sandberg and their pets which in a number of videos have had the pleasure of appearing and being tenderly coddled by his owner.

The famous young still has the record as the second woman’s most searched on google, making reference to your former job, as an actress of films for adults, for this reason, it is so requested in that area, because that left big mark in the industry, however, now leads a life more homely and often share them on twitter and instagram some of your activities and your living with your fiance.