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The music industry has multiple edges: the songs, the live shows, video clips, and create strategies that make these works remain in the mind of the people for many years. Dance and music have always been connected and linked, are complementary arts, and that have understood perfectly the worlds of music and entertainment by singers of different genres popularicen their creations with choreography memorable.

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In the 80’s, Michael Jackson not only changed the way we do music videos, but they took their skills to the dance to a new level ingeniándose choreographies that his followers replicarían for many years. It should be noted that the topics named were able to romber the language barrier by demonstrating that these arts are global and are present in all cultures of the world. This selection contains songs in English, Spanish, and Portuguese that gave him the round-the-world have videos in which the choreographies were protagonists.

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We start…

Thriller Michael Jackson

The youngest of the Jackson 5 not only is it considered the king of pop, but also the father of the music video, and a genius of the dance. In 1982 released Thriller, and with him one of the choreographies most important of all times inspired in the living dead and horror movies.

– Gangnam Style of PSY

In 2012, the video of this single from the south Korean singer broke all records digital, starting with having been the first clip with more than 3,000 million on Youtube. The choreography is one of the things that define the song and is a key piece to understand the K-POP.

Macarena of Los del Rio

This song of worship accompanied by a choreography that is danced in almost all the marriages in the world. The simple steps of Macarena took the song to be popular in the united States and become the first single in Spanish to get to the highest listings of sales.

Tic Tic Tac – Carrapicho

The band of the amazon area of Brazil made the Portuguese to travel around the world with a chorus catchy and a dance that invited you to move your hip without pain.

Baby one more time Britney Spears

After being part of the Mickey Mouse Club, Britney launched a solo career in which the dance was essential. Dressed schoolgirl, with two moñas and dancing with her classmates, became popular in 1998, a choreography with elements of hip hop.

Vogue Madonna

The queen of pop introduced the world to voguing, a dance style that is characterized by movements of rectilinear and where the body plays with model poses. The choreography used in the chorus of the song has been replicated in many fashion shows.

Single Ladies Beyonce

Three minutes and eighteen seconds of pure dance and cardio. Queen B gave us one of the choreography more complex and memorable that they have done the divas of pop.

Lambada of Kaoba

It seems easy, but it is not. This dance brazilian has the mystique that exudes the flirting between her dancers. Another song in Portuguese that gave back to the planet.

Get Right of Jlo

The theme of the diva of the bronx built on a sample of the subject of jazz, Soul Power 74 Maceo and The Macks comes with a video clip that highlights the ability of Jennifer to interpret the choreography complex and using high heels.

Bad Romance Lady Gaga

Even though I had already managed to seduce fans of the pop with the dances of Just Dance and Poker Face, it was with Bad Romance Gaga showed that it came to the music to stay. The choreography that has elements inspired by Thriller Michael Jackson popularized in the nightclubs gay, and is a must for the drag queens who personify the new yorker.

Wanna be of Spice Girls

The girlband of the 90’s wanted to conquer the United Kingdom, but their impact led them to be a idol of boys and girls of the whole world. The chorus of the song comes with a choreography simple that has been learned and danced by several generations.

Asereje The Ketchup

The album Daughters of the tomatothe trio female Spanish made the Asereje song that sounds in children’s parties, in rumbas of young people and in viejotecas. It was popularized in large part by the choreography shown in the video that is with a movement of the hands and hip.

Waka Waka Shakira

When Shakira was asked to do the song of the world cup FIFA south Africa, used a popular chorus of Cameroon that is easy to learn. To be able to popularize it even more, the simple 2010 is accompanied by a dance choreographed with movements derived from dances of african and caribbean.

Everybody Backstreet Boys

The video more memorable of the boyband has embodied an air of Halloween in the dance is the absolute protagonist. The chorus of the song comes with a choreography that today, more than 20 years after its launch, is still dancing in the concerts of the BSB.

Ai Se Eu Te Pego Michel Teló

The song had local success in Brazil, but became popular in the whole world when footballers such as Neymar began to do the dance Assim você me mata in training for his matches. The choreography led to Michel Teló to make concerts in various countries of the world in which they popularized the dance.