Miley Cyrus reveals that she and Demi Lovato were super gay


The interpreter “Adore you” Miley Cyrus confessed that he was gay along with her friend Demi Lovato, all of this in a live program.

Due to the quarantine that is living today due to the COVID-19, Cyrus was given the task of entertaining a little to his followers doing interviews online with his old friends.

It currently has one hundred and five million of followers in order tos which are on the rise fortunately, perhaps, with this new program from celebrity interviews to increase a little more.

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Several celebridade have encouraged their followers not to leave the house to avoid an infection, in this case Miley decided to recover some of the lost time with her old friends and to entertain a little their millions of followers via Instagram Live.

The interviews that you will be doing from Monday to Friday to entertain the people who are in quarantine called Bright Minded and where you will have a conversation with a different artist.

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Demi Lovato was the first celebrity to have the pleasure of being interviewed and talking about his relationship with Miley Cyrus, the cab noted that both met when they were fourteen years of age thanks to the company Disney.

“One of the women most inspiring that I can call friend from 15 years ago has decided to be in my program through Calls Live. It will bring light during this time dark, and all of you are going to go crazy,” remarked Cyrus.

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“Demi Lovato will be on my program tomorrow and we’re going to talk about ways in which stay strong, optimistic and helpful doing exercises to keep the mind well,” concluded the singer.

The day of the interview both shared important events in their lives personalies as well as in their careers, the químia between the two is fantastic but the best was when they came to the end.

“Demi: you have a special light, we made friends since we were 14 years ago because we saw something in each other or was it a spiritual connection etc Miley: or similar because the two were super gay”, ended up Cyrus, loosing the laughter of Lovato.

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