Millie Bobby Brown returns to Netflix: be the sister of Sherlock Holmes


The actress of “Stranger Things” interpret Enola in a new film in which Henry Cavill brings to life the famous detective

Updated 27/04/2020 11:27

Sister small of Mycroft and Sherlock Holmes there is, and has much to say. That’s why Millie Bobby Brown play Enola Holmes in a film based on the novels of Nancy Springer in which she is the protagonist. The tape to get to Netflix by the end of 2020, and this is all that we know.

We follow closely the news from Netflix, and this is not for less. Who gave them the claim to fame for his role of Eleven in Stranger Things you will have your own film as a protagonist: because the role that Millie Bobby Brownyou are going to interpret as a sister of Sherlock Holmes it is not a secondary role. Ms well to the revs: it is a a spin off focused on the small great Enola Holmes.

According to has revealed the platform of streamingactress Millie Bobby Brown to be the star a film with a twist feminist whose premiere est scheduled for the end of ao and that count also with the participation of Henry Cavill (Superman, The Witcher), Sam Claflin and Helena Bonham Carter.

In the same way that purchased fictions as The house of papergiant audio visual has been done with Enola Holmes. The tape speaks of the youngest of the family Holmes, a detective of only 16 years, whose intelligence surpasses that of his brothers bright. When her mother mysteriously disappears the gives that Enola meets 16, the young woman asks for help to Sherlock (Henry Cavill) and Mycroft (Sam Claflin), but these do not make you case and seem to ms interested in doing that back at school. So in the end, he decides to travel to London on her own with the goal of finding his mother and solving the mystery. In its way, is located in the middle of a conspiracin that you will be able to alter the course of the history of the policy.

Despite the confinement, Millie Bobby Brown has not stopped working. Termin roll Enola Holmes in October of 2019 and started with the new season Stranger Things, also see light at the end of 2020. Other tapes pending release include Godzilla vs Kong and the filming of the drama The Thing About Jellyfishthat be your first incursin in the genre.