“More than friends”. The mess of Shakira with this famous of Spain. “And What About Pique?”

April 15, 2020
(13:34 CET)

The haters of Shakira can boast, if that is something that one can feel proud of, being one of the groups of haters more active in social networks. As you well know the colombian singer, are increasingly the detractors that come daily over the networks and in forums with the only intention of harm.

The reasons only they know, but, for those who are, Shakira it is one of the celebrities to the more ‘cane’ is given in the social networks. Eye, is not now, but years ago, especially since the arrival of the networks, many are going for it so blatant.

In this sense, what is more usual is that the criticism of reach for some detail of his physique. There are many who hang pictures of comparison between the before and after to ensure that “no longer is the one that was” or that, directly, “Has been left without a tail.”

The mess of Shakira

However, in the last hours of their haters have recovered a video of YouTube and you have been given the back by turning it against the Barranquilla. This is a video of a concert of the singer in which he appears also Alejandro Sanz, with whom he collaborated on their hit Torture.

In his time already spoke of that, given the complicity that the two had shown both in the recordings and in the video clips, were “more than friends”. A rumour that was discarded with time.

However, in the wake of this video, your haters have wanted to re-put the finger on the sore spot, ensuring that between the Spanish singer and Shakira was there “more than a good friendship.”

Look at how they look” or “There has been something and we have not heard” are some of the comments that accompany the images. On the other hand, with even more bad faith, some of his haters question “And What About Pique?”. The answer is simple: Pique has formed a family with Shakira, so it seems that the urge to mess by your haters have fallen on deaf ears.

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