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Recently it became known, by means of a live video of Instagram, the star of music and television Miley Cyrus cut off her hair, but this time with a cut quite eye-catching.

Immediately many users of social networks compared with the also famous ‘Joe Exotic’. Even so, the same Cyrus has posted some memes on his new ‘look’.

It is now common to artists, due to the confinement by the coronavirus, do more videos on social networks to interact more with their followers.

So it was like Miley Cyrus showed the world his new haircut, which was made by herself apparently.

Several users of the different social networks claimed that this new ‘look’ of the star is very similar to the american Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage, better known as ‘Joe Exotic’, who became famous for being an operator of a zoo and trader of tigers. However, in march of 2019, was sent to prison to serve a sentence of 22 years for being convicted of murder-for-hire and abuse of animals, “including charges that he killed five of his tigers,” as he explains an article from the magazine ‘Esquire’.

“Nominate Miley Cyrus to interpret Joe Exotic in a movie,” said a user on Twitter.

In fact, the platform Netflix recently launched a documentary series, titled ‘Tiger King’ or ‘King Tiger’, of seven episodes in which you show the story behind ‘Joe Exotic’ and how this was involved in criminal acts for which the accused was accused.

Cyrus took to become a mockery of itself with a few memes that are now in trend in different social networks.

One of those images corresponds to one of the photos of ‘Joe Exotic’ with a description that translates to the English “making a video call with my stylist to ask how to fix the cut and color I did”, to which Cyrus wrote “Very true.”

Another meme shared by the singer, is seen to ‘Lisa Simpson’ looking at a book titled “Activities of quarantine that do not involve to cut your own hair” and Cyrus wrote “it is too late”.

During these days of quarantine, Miley Cyrus is performing a live video through your account in Instagram, to amuse their fans, with different themes and guests as Millie Bobby Brown, Alicia Keys, Dua Lipa, among others, those who join the broadcast from their homes.

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