New movie of Transformers will be a prequel animated and will be in charge of the director of Toy Story 4


With six films to date, Transformers it is one of the franchises highest grossing of this century, despite the fact that the last two deliveries the earnings generated were not very high. Now Deadline confirms (via Variety) that a seventh film is in development and will be a prequel animated by director Josh Cooley, responsible for the success of Disney Toy Story 4 – 96%.

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The tape will be a co-production of Paramount Pictures and eOne, and with a script done by writers Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari, who are responsible for Ant-Man and the Wasp – 85%, of Marvel Studios. Cooley, in addition to directing Toy Story 4, he was nominated for the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay thanks to his work in Intense Mind – 98%.

It looks like something very appropriate for the franchise of Transformers of your next step in animated format, because after the marketing of the toys original, it was through animated series the war of the autobots against the decepticons made known in all the world, and up to 2007 made the leap to the live-action Transformers – 57%.

After the disastrous Transformers: The Last Gentleman – 15%, Paramount surprised with the prequel and semi-reboot Bumblebee – 95%, the first tape of the series that received majority approval on the part of the critique, however, its box office takings was far from spectacular, especially when compared to what was accomplished by their predecessors.

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One of the main problems of the franchise was that it was directed from when you started until 2017 by Michael Bay, a director who has proven to have a talent for action sequences full of explosions and cars flying through the skies, but zero talent to tell good stories. Ever defended the criticism by saying that it was “movies for teenagers”, but it rather looks like a desperate attempt to justify the terrible quality of their stories.

Just in January it was announced that Transformers would have two new feature films, one written by Joby Harold (John Wick 3: Parabellum – 98%) and the other by James Vanderbilt (Mystery On Board – 53%). The new report on the film by Josh Cooley leaves us with the question of whether the two projects announced months before will continue to, have been canceled, or if one of them just changed writers.

Bumblebee it was a new, promising start, but it is difficult for many to have an interest in a franchise with two deliveries a good and three poor. The output of Michael Bay it was the best thing that could happen to Transformers, but it was too late, so we’ll have to wait to see what the future holds for the series.

In January 2019, the actress Hailee Steinfeld, star of Bumblebee, was interviewed by ScreenRant and this was what he said when questioned about a possible return to a sequel:

I would, absolutely. If you mean to have some kind of experience like that I had to do this, I’d love to do it again. I think what’s most exciting about these films is that to do it for the fans. And if they choose that they like and want to see more, then is when we go back to work. That is the exciting part. But yes, of course, I would love to be a part of this kind of things.

In spite of everything, the economic failures of Transformers: The Last Knight and Bumblebee may not be the end of a property that has generated$ 4 billion in box office and generated huge profits for the sale of toys.

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Months ago came the rumor that a movie of Beast Wars could be in development, and though for the moment we have no idea if this is something real, it would be quite a surprise for fans, as the Transformers that turned into animals were just as popular as the ones that turned into vehicles.