Nick Jonas has become the teacher perfect for Priyanka Chopra


The quarantine is serving largely to develop those skills that are hidden within us and that we did not know existed. Now that we are running out of options to cope with the time, there are many people that are challenging themselves with activities that until now were lost and one of them could be the music and, therefore, play some other instrumentas Priyanca Chopra with Nick Jonas.

The actress has thought of the great idea of learning to play the piano, and as you can imagine who is their teacher. But just in case, we’ll say. ¡Nick Jonas! Her husband is being tasked to give classes to Priyanca and we are not surprised that you put so eager to learn.

Through an interview with the magazine ‘Vogue’, we have been able to know your interest for this elegant instrument. “I’ve never played, but I’ve always wanted to learn to play an instrument, so I’ve managed to give me an hour and a half or 45 minutes of class every day. Is a professor of piano at home, a personal trainer at home, a companion painting of a home. It’s great” has ensured Priyanca.

Judging by your statements, Nick Jonas is the husband that all would like to have in their homes. Although there are few times that the couple shows their private life, both have been able to demonstrate that they are made for each other compenetrándose to perfection in your daily life and this quarantine would not be less.

The couple is knowing how to take advantage of the time to perfection and a proof of this are the activities that day after day they carry out together. We hope that the marriage can delight you very soon with some of these kinds of piano music. We are confident that it would be a success.