Nicki Minaj joins Doja Cat on the remix of Say so | Music


Say so it is the song that has placed on the world map of success Doja Cat. A strong candidate for Song of the Summer 2020. Retro sound with touches of funk and disco fused with the voice of the soloist which seems to levitate over the melody. But the formula will now be added to the powerful figure of Nicki Minaj.

The young rapper american is a firm follower of the artist from Trinidad and Tobago and already, prior to the release of his album Hot Pink they came to speculate on the possibility of a collaboration between the two. However, the duet that everyone was talking about ended up being Like that next to Gucci Mane.

Only been to wait a few more months for that both voices end together in one of the songs that are playing throughout the world at this time: “people thought that the surprise in their day was going to be Nicki because it was the name in his day at the beginning and the album was called Hot Pink. I am a big fan of Nicki but I created too far in advance specifically about this partnership.”

Doja Cat became viral thanks to her song Say So came to the first place in the list of songs used to make videos in TikTok (the song has more than 19 million videos made on this platform). With your video Mooo! premiered in 2018, is already standing as a singer and rapper famous, due to its eccentricity and color. Also the song Juicy got millions of views.

“It’s the perfect time for people to be colourful and lively. We need people who are open to this possibility, to play with the cartoons because the rap is becoming one-dimensional at this point,” he explained after the release of their new album. Now next to Nicki Minaj we do not doubt that both will give the needed color to our summer with the remix of Say so.

Nicki Minaj could chain two years full of successes thanks to their collaborations because if in this 2020 has united its voice with Doja Cat in 2019 did the same with Tusaone of the hits most-talked-about all over the world.