Oh poor thing! Karol G crying heartbroken in front of the cameras What happened to him?


The colombian singer weeps for the man who loves Look who it is!

The singer Karol G has become a trend today by a video published on his official account on Instagram as the same has been raising the awareness of all his followers Without exception!

The video of which you speak has 4 million views and hundreds of comments because no doubt a large number of followers you have managed to identify with the feelings of Karol G.

The audio-visual material that we can see Karol G singing the popular song “The man I love,” but with a look subdued and a little distant, everyone is wondering Who is the lucky man?

As expected, the lucky guy is nothing more and nothing less than the father of the artist, who has been with her at all times, let us remember that he was the person who pushed her in the world of music and encouraged her to enroll in the talent program “X Factor”

The audio-visual material that we quote the following: “From afar, wanting to dedicate this song to dad,” This simple comment brought as a consequence that your father will respond with a nice and heartfelt words “Extrañandote baby soon we will embrace each other you are almost!”