On the Day of the animal celebrities of the world pamper their pets

Are your friends more faithful, staunch allies and comrades in moments of intimacy. From Jennifer Aniston to Kendall Jenner passing by Ryan Gosling, and Meghan and Harry. Pets and famous on their very special day.
The selfies of Jennifer Aniston with her dog Clyde are a love. Photo: IG

The pets they are part of the family. Many become best friendslarge peers and supports in the good and bad. And so also recognize the celebrities.

In Argentina, the celebs dealt love for their pets on social networks, and Hollywood beyond, also.

Famous, Jennifer Aniston adores your pet.

That is why many make them protagonists of their routine in their social networks. Their fans already know. As said Jennifer Aniston: “the best friend of the girls”, your dog Clyde.

Camila and DiCaprio adopted

Camila Morrone and Leo DiCaprio have adopted two huskies. Photo: IG

Also the huskies newly adopted by Camila Morrone and Leonardo DiCaprio in times of social distancing: Jack and Jill they were “the best decision I made in this quarantine“ said the model

Jack and Jill, new members of the family DiCaprio-Morrone. Photo: IG

Celebrities and pets at home

Ellen DeGenneres and a high quarantine; their pets do not know of social distancing.

Pets Ellen DeGenneres and Portia de Rossi never saw both at the host and at home. Although the host and the actress have a mansion immense from where you do and post your days in quarantine, your dogs and your cat do not know of social distancing and tend to stick to it.

Where is the driver of The Ellen Showare they.

The faithful friend of Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling and his eternal love for pets: the irresistible

Few can resist the charm of a man carrying her pet or taking care of your baby. This happens with Ryan Gosling.

This is Lucho, the new pet of Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes. Photo: IG

The actor cried a lot the loss of your dog George.

But in the past year along with Eva Mendes adopted one called Lucho that is all the rage in social networks.

Companions of adventures for Henry “Superman” Cavill. Photo: IG
Ricky Gervais, the host of the Oscars has its prize to the Best Pet.

Also when we see a “Hard” as Henry Cavill (alias Superman), or to Robert De Niro loading on each of his trips to his pampered “baby”.

Ternurita: this is the mascot of the “Hard” of Robert De Niro.

Walking the dog (vip) in quarantine

The pets of the celebrities became best friends… the paparazzi! And is that, it is thanks to them and to their daily walks seekers of famous achieve see you out on the street.

Kendall Jenner and her dog doberman. Photo: IG

So you usually see Kendall Jenner -who step takes advantage of it to make exercise very well accompanied: by his slender and guardian doberman. Don’t mess with Kendall!

The pet in the crosshairs of the paparazzi

Prince Harry and walking dog Los Angeles

That is exactly your love for pets and the loyalty which we profess, which makes many of the celebrities to rethink their travel, and moving through the world. Because, Who will care?, how do you adapt?

The duchess of Sussex walks you personally to your pets

So it was like the first famous walk postMegxit of Meghan Markle fish for the photographers in Canada was walking their dogs.

The same thing is repeated these days in Los Angeles. The paparazzi (and what svecinos) already know that the duchess you have the routine take a walk personally to the two dogs with the prince Harry. So did the dukes, well protected.

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