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Drake and Rihanna have formed a beautiful friendship several years ago. The chemistry between the two was undeniable, and as a result of this collaborated on a variety of topics such as “Work”, “What’s my name?”, “Too good”, among others.

Although never officially confirmed the romance, the singers it is left to see in compromising situations more than once. However, that relationship came crashing down in 2016.

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Rihanna and Drake parted in 2016.

After four years, Rihanna and Drake had an approach that was shown by all the fans of both artists.

It all started on the 25th of march, when the famous DJ Spade started a direct on Instagram Live to liven up the quarantine of his followers, without knowing that such a link would call the attention of stars such as Diplo, Funk Flex, Drake and Rihanna.

Rihanna and Drake talking on Instagram.

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Once Drake noticed that Rihanna was one of the spectators, did not hesitate to begin to send you messages asking you to remove the light ‘R12’, an album that has been delaying from a year ago and which already came off the single “Believe it”, getting bad reviews by fans.

The request of Drake.

Some users supported the request of Drake, while others asked him to leave quiet to Rihanna.

Before the uproar that ensued, ‘Riri’ answered sarcastic: “Someone give him a glass of water the boy”.

Do Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez are fighting for Drake?

Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez they were good friends until the ‘Diva of the Bronx’ began to share in their social networks a series of photos where lucy Drake. According to several websites, the popular ‘Riri’ called “traitor” to the singer of 50 years.

After several years of enmity, J. Lo gave an interview to The Daily Show in 2017, where it denied categorically having ever had any romance with Drake.

“I want to be very clear with this: I’m Not with Drake (…) Maybe that is the only thing you need to say’, he clarified.

Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez are fighting for Drake.