Salma Hayek reveals how were your beginnings in Hollywood


Although, currently, is the mexican star more consecrated in Hollywood, it is rumored that in their early days, not had the best of luck to be hired as many may think, because in spite of his outstanding talent, “are Not presented with opportunities to do roles where I could use what I had learned earlier”

In love with the French magnate François-Henri Pinault who she met 14 years ago

While it had already made the recognition in Mexico, thanks to which she participated in various soap operas, the producers and directors of Hollywood to your experience and curriculum in hispanic lands passed unnoticed

The wife of the French magnate François-Henri Pinault reached the stardom thanks to ‘Frida’ a film for which she was nominated for an Oscar as Best Actress. Image: Clasos

Salma Hayek Reached the stardom in Hollywood thanks to the film ‘Frida’, 2002
Salma Hayek met her husband at an exhibition in Venice, Italy
Salma Hayek in love with the frenchman François-Henri Pinault