Savvy and happy, Lizzo gave show case acoustic at the Lunario


And it only took 20 minutes of show for Lizzo surprise to the mexican public. The singer made his first appearance in our country with a private show that was offered in the Lunario of the National Auditorium, where the rapper performed four songs in an acoustical way.

On the dot of 20:30, the winner of three Grammy appeared filming with his cell phone of the reaction of fans who were torn apart throat to receive it and listen to his powerful voice: “I Never do this. So, thank you,” he told his audience to after you greet them: “Hi bitch!”.

Amidst laughter, a fan threw the cry, “oh, that’s, castor oil plant!”, to which the singer let out a slight smile and replied: “Yes, bitch!”. Already in confidence and while being accommodated in his chair, let out a few phrases in Spanish like, “my house is your house, bitch” and sang Cuz I love you.

Before you continue with the Good as hell, Lizzo said in Spanish to his audience: “I have a question in English: Can you see my…?”, while he was touching his crotch and settle in the short black dress that he wore. Her action let loose the laughter and the whistles of the public, after which the singer thanked the demonstrations of affection and went on her short show with Juice.

Before retiring, he received on the stage a bottle of tequila, which he accepted without problem. “I always wanted to come to Mexico. I never thought I would have fans here. I never imagined going to other parts of the world where people speaks different languages, that they can feel and enjoy my music. This is a dream”. After, he took a swig direct from the bottle, which took several seconds.

Already input in tone, Lizzo closed his presentation with Truth Hurts and she did not hesitate to take another sip of the bottle while dancing to the rhythm of his powerful voice and with the guitar. The singer promised that he will return soon, “this time in an arena,” he said.