Selena Gomez releases video for “Boyfriend” in version wrist


LOS ANGELES, California.- The evening of last Tuesday, Selena Gomez went to his official Instagram to make it known that this Wednesday is published a new version of his video ‘Boyfriend’ but on this occasion, would be dolls of the protagonists.

Well, that time has come and during the morning of Wednesday, the singer announced on social networks that the video was already present on YouTube.

With a technique of ‘Stop Motion’, the video was made exactly like the real one, only that in this occasion we see a doll play the role of Selena.

This is the first time that the famous published a version of their videos of this type. However, it has been well received by their fans, who expressed the adrmiración of the work in the comments section under the YouTube video.

‘Genuinely, an artist who works with one of their fans had never been done before as well and that’s why I love so much Selena. This is absolutely amazing’, ‘I haven’t slept in 48 hours, so when I say “Doll Version” I thought that was a kind of remix of the song. Is not a recreation real music video with Barbie dolls instead of people. I’m dead,’ read some of the comments.

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