Shakira bathes with a mini bikini in their pool, Barcelona (and record it on video)


April 30, 2020
(12:54 CET)

There are not a few followers of Shakira those who are looking forward to that come this next summer. Eye, taking into account that the coronavirus is not yet controlled and that, much as we now begin the desescalada in some country, the caution should continue to be maximum, it does not seem like it’s going to be a summer to use.

There are those who point out that, in fact, the measures of distance will still apply on beaches and in the swimming pool. What seems more evident is that, once you reach the high temperatures, the celebrities (many of them have a swimming pool, in fact, in their home) they will soon begin to boast of tipazo in their social networks.

The video of Shakira at the swimming pool

Luckily, for all those who want to see photos and videos of the couple Gerard Pique in bikini, Instagram serves as a good weapon. And it is there where they appear in videos Shakira showing off their famous curves.

In this sense, has been a video that has already few years ago that has now returned to circulate through the social networks. A video in which we see the colombian bathing with a mini bikini at night in his home in Barcelona.

Images that, taking into account that Shakira nothing back, leaving very very little to the imagination as to the curves of Barranquilla. This has led to the fact that many of those who had seen, have been quick to comment on the social networks.

The comments, as was to be expected taking into account that the vast majority of them come from the most faithful followers of the singer, is not that they have been negative. On the contrary.

“To then say that you do not have a tipazo”, “Brutal”, “my Mother Shakira is a goddess”, “Spectacular” or “I’m Not surprised that Pique is so in love with her” these are just some of them.